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Noam Chomsky and Howard Marks detail the prohibition of cannabis in the 1930's and the beginnings of it's re-emergence in the 1960's. Wernard Bruining, Adriaan Jansen, Eddy from Flying Dutchman, Evert Schulz and Howard Marks discuss the birth of the coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

Once the Green Avalanche had happened in Amsterdam, what was the next step for our heroes? - Wernard Bruining, Howard Marks, Eddy form Flying Dutchman and Laura from the Cannabis College explain.

The arguments for and against medical marijuana, featuring Howard Marks. The benefits of cannabis and weed for health problems featuring Wernard Bruining, Evert Schulz and the late great Eagle Bill detail the use of cannabis as a medical aid. The story of skunk weed, What's the future for cannabis in the 21st century? Howard Marks, Noam Chomsky, Professor Adriaan Jansen and Ravi Dronkers discuss.How everyone stopped smoking hash and started growing and smoking green skunk weed. 

Final thoughts on the cannabis revolution from Howard Marks, Wernard Bruining and Professor Adriaan Jansen. 

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